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Using several techniques such as link building, guest posting, online forums, and social bookmarking, we've effectively improved the website rankings, traffic and domain authority for dozens of brands.

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Our all-star SEO team can effortlessly handle the back-end nitty-gritty, ensuring your site is easily crawled and indexed.

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We work tirelessly towards attracting high-quality traffic, i.e., users intent on investing in your product or service.


By identifying and targeting the right mix of keywords based on your industry, competitors, and search data, we're able to put together a holistic SEO strategy for your niche.


All strategies are finalized after analyzing your SEO and PPC competitors to acquire a 360° view of their keywords, backlinks, traffic, and more.

Our ranks speak for themselves

Portico New York

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    Mattress Protector Online

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When we say proven SEO strategies, we mean it.

Here are some of the results we delivered...

Portico New York

Portico New York


jump in organic website traffic


jump in organic revenue


higher NPS (as compared to competitors)

We beat marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart at their own game by managing to outrank them for keywords like bedsheets, comforters, dohars, towels, and more.

We beat marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart at their own game by managing to outrank them for keywords like bedsheets, comforters, dohars, towels, and more.




jump in organic website traffic


jump in organic revenue

Our specialty? Driving traffic that converts to revenue. Just ask VERO MODA.

Our specialty? Driving traffic that converts to revenue. Just ask VERO MODA.




jump in organic website traffic


jump in organic revenue

We've mastered the art of tapping into the menswear category, one rank at a time.

We've mastered the art of tapping into the menswear category, one rank at a time.

We always put you first

Here are some more benefits of partnering with us...

Industry Wizards; 10+ Years of Experience

Digital Ninjas; Google Is the New God

Black Hat Techniques? We Don't Know Her

Dedicated Personal Assistants, Uh, We Mean In-House Professionals

Hungry for a New Challenge - Always

HTD = Honesty, Transparency, Dependability

Looking to drive more profitable leads to your website? No problem!

Here’s a full list of services we can offer to you

Organic Growth Strategy
E-Commerce SEO
Off-Page SEO
On-Page SEO
SEO Writing & Content Creation
Marketplace SEO
Blog & Marketplace Management
Paid & Organic Link Building (Backlinking)
Keyword Research
Local SEO
International SEO

SEO related questions? We got you covered!

How Important Is SEO in Growing an Online Business?

We believe SEO is crucial in growing an online business because it enables you to:

  1. Create User-Friendly Websites: Well-structured, uncluttered, optimized websites compel casual visitors to stay longer, thus reducing the bounce rate and improving domain authority. 
  2. Attract More Customers: Investing a few hours of time and energy in SEO per week can help you bring “targeted” traffic to your website. 
  3. Increase Conversions: Easy-to-navigate websites are more likely to grab and hold readers’ attention, in turn increasing customer loyalty, conversions, and repeat visitors. 
  4. Build Brand Awareness: When your site appears on the first page of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), potential customers will trust your brand more than other brands without a strong online presence.
  5. Beat Your Competition: If your competitors are investing in SEO, simply ask yourself why you haven’t invested in this strategy too. 

What Factors Should I Consider While Hiring an SEO Agency?

Top factors you should consider while hiring an SEO Agency are:

  1. Expertise: With thousands of marketing companies offering SEO, we recommend choosing one specializing in search engine optimization while providing a host of other secondary services to complement it. 
  2. Services Offered: Make sure to select a partner that has successfully implemented on/off-page SEO, link building, and content strategy in the past.
  3. Innovation & Creativity: Look for an agency that provides you with unique, original insights while possessing the ability to update and upgrade these learnings in real-time.
  4. Turnover: By choosing a team whose tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, you’ve already won half the battle in this extremely fast-paced industry.
  5. Case Studies: Don’t forget to scrutinize any available case studies; they should showcase clear data in the following KPIs – Organic Visibility (Impressions), Rankings, Organic Traffic, and Conversions.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From SEO?

Most agencies will tell you it takes 6 to 8 months to start seeing results. However, will HowToDigital’s aggressive SEO strategies, it’s now possible to reach this benchmark 2X faster.

What Do Your SEO Services Include?

While our services range from E-Commerce to B2B SEO, we pride ourselves on offering a complete Content, On/Off Page & Paid Backlinking package. Truth be told, most SEO agencies don’t include content as a part of their service, but with us, your business can reap the benefits of all-around development and holistic growth.

What Is the Difference Between E-Commerce SEO & B2B SEO?

B2B SEO is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy used to help complex websites rank higher in search engines like Google & Bing. On the other hand, E-Commerce SEO allows individuals to make their online store more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How Can I Rank Higher on Google?

By hiring a trusted SEO agency (like us), you can improve your online visibility, increase customer engagement, triple your revenue, all while ranking on the first page of Google.

Our Reviews

It has been a pleasure working with the How to Digital team over the last two years. They are diligent and sincerely work on your requirement. They keep giving you new ideas and work patiently. I would recommend them.

Prakash Agrawal

Founder and CEO - Virtual CFO

We have been working with HowToDigital since Nov 2020. The team of Ritika and Anu bring in a lot of passion and patience to the problem we are trying to solve. They are continuously in an entrepreneurial mode coming up with new ideas and initiatives. We have made good progress since we started with them and hope to get to a point soon where we have a fully solved solution. The space Lodestar is working in is a niche and a tough space – hence happy to have partners like HowToDigital to figure this out.


CEO of Lodestar

The How To Digital team is an extremely passionate and involved one to work with and I have had an absolute pleasure interacting with them (and continue to do so).
Having partnered with the team for WOOP’s corporate communications, I have seen them take charge and ownership of all things required. There has been proactiveness at every level; be it in new ideas, leveraging learnings to do better, actively trend-spotting and have consistently come back with great recommendations. The work generated by the team has also lent a strong hand in getting really big client’s to turn their attention to WOOP’s presence on LinkedIn. Nauzad, Ritika & Shloka who I have worked with closely, take accountability and keep everyone else accountable too, which has been a refreshing experience. Here’s wishing the team all the very best.

Divya Ravishankar

Business Head, WOOP

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